Sunday, June 23, 2013

Plush Unicorn Gift And Party Ideas

By Ines Brennan

Many little girls ride ponies in their dreams, but some ride unicorns. If you have a daughter with a healthy imagination who thinks that having a magical creature such as this one as a pet is a good idea, think of something special for her next birthday. Her present could be a plush unicorn, and her party could involve the theme of unicorns.

Unicorns are described as magnificent beasts that are just like horses, only they have a strong, single horn protruding from their foreheads. They are believed to be creatures of the forest, kind but impossible to tame. Over different time periods different things about them were believed. Some thought it to have healing powers, while others thought its horn could detect and neutralize the effects of poison.

The tales of unicorns are endless, but their truth will never be known. To a little girl, however, it does not matter if they were ever here, her fantasy is all she needs. To make her special day as enchanting as ever, think up some ideas for incorporating unicorns into the whole theme of the occasion.

Starting with the gift, stuffed animals in the form of unicorns come in all sizes, and several colors. They may have gold or silver horns, and can be decorated with colored rainbows or stars. They could have accessories with them as well, or something extra can be purchased separately. A brush for the mane and tail is a great idea. The gift can be personalized as well, embroidered, or embossed with the child's name and any other appropriate detail. This will make it extra special.

Try to decorate the party room just like an enchanted forest, with paper cuttings of forestry and flowers. If you have large purple, pink or blue material you can also use them as a canopy above the party area, or along the walls. Above, stars could twinkle, and to the side, flowers could wave. A couple of large paper unicorns will complete the room.

For an extra special affect some lights can be used in a clever way. Rows of white lights turned to a soft glow will give a good night-time feel to the room, especially if most of the natural light can be taken out of the room by closing curtains etc. Sometimes flashing lights are lovely too.

Make sure that the birthday table is suitable, with the emphasis placed on the beautiful unicorn cake. You can easily buy all necessary table accessories from any store that sells birthday goodies, online or offline. Another idea is to pretend that ice-cream cones are horns, and to let the children decorate them with icing and small sweeties.

No party is complete without a few games, therefore think of a few that fit with the theme. Using a stuffed toy (a horse with a horn of course), let the children sit in a circle and pass it around. When the music stops the child with the toy is out. If you can hire a pony for rides, see if it can be dressed up in a horn. This will be a party your daughter remembers, and after, she will have her plush unicorn as her best friend.

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